About Me

I am an aerospace engineer for the USAF. I have had the opportunity to work on many projects ranging from F-15s to cutting edge hypersonic technology. I have led multi-million dollar projects and understand how to get things done.

It’s time for change. We deserve someone that will stand up for our kids, our beliefs, and our country. Our teachers need to be heard and supported. I understand how hard YOU work and I will make sure YOUR voice is heard for how YOUR money is spent.

– BUILD upon our recent achievements to continue to build an excellent place of learning for our children.

– RETURN our classrooms to a pre-COVID normalcy. Our children deserve to go to school in an environment set up for them to academically succeed.

– EMPHASIZE Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Academics is currently the weakest point within our districts. It is important to provide our children with opportunities to learn and succeed in today’s world.

– PROTECT our children and ensure that Critical Race Theory stays out of our classrooms.

“I want to protect our children and help them to reach their full potential. My family is blessed to call Xenia our home and that is why I want to represent your voice on the School Board.”

Joshua Day